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Cover Art Support

Report #1: June 22 - June 28

According to the plan of splitting the project into smaller parts, to be able to perform quick interactions and consequently better integration of the source code, this week many code reviews were done, which provided significant improvements to the project.

The main changes that we have done during this week:

Removing the disk-cache logic

In the past week, we were storing all the covers in a folder into the Mixxx settings path. It was working fine and it also allowed us to handling images without doing changes in the track directory (add or modifying files).

However, we noticed that in most cases we would not need to handle the covers and in this way we would be doing just copies and it does not make sense, mainly in cases when the source cover is already in a accessible directory. In addition, we noticed that getting the Qimage from the SoundSource (embedded cover) is much faster than loading it from a location.

Thus , the question is “why do not access it directly (for both cases)?”. We realized that did not make sense maintain the disk-cache for it. Maybe it could be useful in a near future, when we start to download covers, but we know that even in this cases, the user could expect to see the downloaded cover into the track directories to make them able to reuse the cover in other software.

Improvements in the working thread

Currently we are doing all loading and searching via QtConcurrent, because both processes are very slow and they could easily block the main thread, affecting the performance and freezing Mixxx. So, we also did several improvements in the logic for setting up and starting a new thread, having one QFuture for searching and other for loading the covers from tracks that already have a valid cover location to be loaded.

Rescaling big covers

The cost of the pixmaps inserted into the QPixmapCache is calculated from the image size. It means that if we try loading big images, it could be deleted from QPixmapCache immediately.

In order to sort it out, we are rescaling the big covers before saving it on covercache. As the current widget and even the other ones that we are going to implement from the next PR will display the images in a small place, rescaling covers is always a good strategy to make things work better.

Currently we avoid using covers with more than 400px of width (or height). However, it seems that we could use a smaller number to make them lighter. The rescaling process can be very slow in some cases, but it's not a problem for us, because we are running it in our working thread.

Loading and searching

After changing the way in which we load covers, in order to always prefer loading metadata, now we are following this strategy:

  1. try loading the stored path in DB
  2. look for embedded cover in file metadata
  3. look for cover stored in the track directory

Searching in track directory

Before that, we were just sorting all files by size and getting the lighter image. It's a very inefficient strategy, because a directory could have many images which do not represent a cover art. Actually other softwares which providing cover art support already follow a logic strategy to store and load covers by the name of these files. So, to make it more efficient, we work on a list of favorite cover names, ordering decreasingly by importance.

Current strategy:

  1. if the trackDir has just one image, we get it
  2. %track-file-base%.jpg in the track directory for %track-file-base%.mp3
  3. %album%.jpg
  4. cover.jpg
  5. front.jpg
  6. folder.jpg
  7. anything else found in the folder (getting the lighter one)

Unit tests

Currently the main classes which provide the cover art support are “CoverArtDAO” and “CoverArtCache”.


For this class was performed a test for each one of the current methods that we have implemented.

  • CoverArtDAO::getCoverArtId
  • CoverArtDAO::saveCoverArt
  • CoverArtDAO::deleteUnusedCovers
  • CoverArtDAO::getCoverInfo


The main objective of the class “CoverArtCache” is of loading and searching covers, in this way, this week the following tests were made:

  • loading cover from path stored in DB (loadImage)
  • Cover Scan (check preference list)
    • searching in empty directory;
    • searching in directory with just one image;
    • %track-file-base%.jpg in the track directory for %track-file-base%.mp3
    • %album%.jpg
    • cover.jpg
    • front.jpg
    • folder.jpg
    • anything else found in the folder (getting the lighter one)
    • what is chosen when cover.jpg and cover.JPG exists? (we must get the lighter one)

Actually I did not added a test for embedded covers because SoundSource is the class responsible for doing it.

Issues for the next week

Next week: June 29 - July 05

Updating cover_art column of tablemodels

Currently we are getting the cover location of a track directly from the tablemodel. It is a nice strategy because we avoid doing extra queries. The problem is that we just get this value once (during the table construction) and even if we update the DB with a new cover location, the table model will keep sending the value that it loaded in the first time.

Duplicated cover in cache

After removing the disk-cache, we noticed that the current strategy for tracks where the image is saved in the id3tag does not look good. Using this approach we would be loading the same pixmap in our qpixmapcache most of time (because in general tracks of the same album will have the same picture).

In order to sort it out, we could:

  • calculate a md5 hash [1] in our working thread after finish the searching step;
  • add a new column in cover_art table (database) to store the md5 hash;
  • maintain a qhash [2] with the covers that we have on cache.



Using a delay when scrolling very fast

Last week, @daschuer said that he was getting a bad performance when he was scrolling very fast. It is a issue still? Should we use a delay?

Searching in track directory

As now we are using the “album” and “base track” names to try finding a cover, we need to check if everything works with UTF8 chars.

First PR

After finishing all issues that I mentioned above, we could close this branch and start working in a new one. The initial plan was have it merged, but as the 1.12 version will have a later release it will not be possible. So, we could just keep working on the same strategy, freezing the first branch. It would be good because the first PR already is very big.

Next PR

In the next week, we are going to start a new branch, which will have the implementation of “cover add/edit” as the main goal.

Initial tasks:

  • displaying the cover in dlgtrackinfo
  • making the user able to choose a cover
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