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 ====== Behringer BCD3000 ====== ====== Behringer BCD3000 ======
 {{hardware:​behringer_bcd3000.png|}} {{hardware:​behringer_bcd3000.png|}}
-  *[[|Manufacturer'​s product page]]+ 
 +Behringer no longer has a product page for this device. Its manual can be found [[|here]]
 +By default, the input channels 1-2 use the RCA phono inputs for the source signal. On Windows, this can be switched to the microphone in the ASIO driver control panel. On GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, [[http://​​forums/​viewtopic.php?​f=3&​t=8380|a particular MIDI message must be sent]] to switch channels 1-2 to the microphone input.
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