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 As Mixxx currently only supports one active loop per deck, the secondary loop controls have been remapped to EQ kill switches. As Mixxx currently only supports one active loop per deck, the secondary loop controls have been remapped to EQ kill switches.
-==== Soft Takeover ==== 
-The soft takeover feature shall prevent software controls from making sudden jumps, when hardware and software controls got out of sync. A hardware control needs to be moved close to were the software control is, before hardware control changes are also applied in software. While the idea is nice, it does not always work reliably, especially in hectic situations when controls are moved very fast. Soft Takeover has therefore been disabled for all controls in the mapping. If you want to re-enable it, just search for "​soft-takeover"​ in the mapping XML file and uncomment the option. Soft takeover will probably be a required feature for 4-Deck support. 
-==== 4-Deck Support ==== 
-As of Mixxx version 2,0, it is theoretically possible to control 4 decks by using the redundant [PAUSE] button as deck switch. Unfortunately,​ this has not been mapped, yet. Stay tuned for updates or get coding! 
-The 4 Deck routing for this controller is of very limited use, as the volume- and crossfader directly influence the sound output in hardware. 
-  * Route Mixxx "Left Bus" to the VMS2 output channels 1-2 (Left Deck Stereo). 
-  * Route Mixxx "Right Bus" to the VMS2 output channels 3-4 (Right Deck Stereo). 
-  * Bypass the built-in hardware equalizer of the VMS2 (i.e. use Post-EQ Mode). 
-  * Route the headphone output to a separate soundcard. 
-In this mode, you cannot use the built-in headphone jack to pre-listen, as the Mixxx software controls for deck volume already affect the signals going into the VMS2. You need a separate soundcard to attach your headphones.\\ 
-The two decks on the same bus are always directly affected by the volume fader, therefore you cannot fade between two tracks playing on the same bus without going over a point of silence. The faders are pretty much useless in that setup as they cannot be used intuitively.\\ 
-FIXME The left and right bus are also affected by the software crossfader! That is bad and possibly wrong, as it means the hardware and software crossfader are both applied. I need to file a bug report (and link to it from here)! 
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