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Mixxx 2.2.0 Release Checklist

This process is followed when it is time for a release (after betas and release candidates). (Everything on the pre-release to-do list must be complete.)

Release milestone summary

  1. Ensure QA testing is complete and all tests pass.
  2. [rryan] Update translations
    1. Push and pull translations for Mixxx as described here: Internationalization
    2. Push and pull transaltions for the WiX installer as described
  3. [Be] Update manual.
    1. Verify that Jenkins v2.2/manual-2.2-publish published the latest version to
    2. double check table of contents is present (run pdflatex twice)
    3. TODO: Add make linkcheck to Jenkins job.
  4. Update Help → Send Us Feedback link in the application
  5. Update files:
    1. ✓ README (update version number)
    2. ✓ LICENSE (update copyright year, version number)
    3. src/defs_version.h (update VERSION)
    4. src/defs_urls.h (update manual URL, survey URL, etc.)
    5. Mixxx-Manual.pdf (update to latest version from
    6. Update Debian Changelog
      dch -c build/debian/changelog --check-dirname-level=0 --newversion 2.2.0-0ubuntu1 
  6. Go through Git log, update credits in src/dialog/dlgabout.cpp.
  7. Build release packages with the build server.
    1. macOS Intel
    2. Ubuntu i386 / amd64
    3. Windows i386 / amd64
  8. Add a git tag with a GPG signature (release-2.2.0)
    git tag -s release-2.2.0 -m "Mixxx 2.2.0"
    git push --tags upstream release-2.2.0
    1. This can be done to a commit after it has been pushed or merged from a PR, so wait until you're sure you're ready to tag the release commit.
    2. Once pushed, a tag is forever. Never delete a tag from a remote.
  9. Upload packages.
    1. Record SHA256sum of all packages in the Release Checksums Google Doc as a backup and record independent of (for forensic purposes).
    2. Update Launchpad
      1. Mark milestone released
    3. Update the Stable and Beta PPAs.
      1. NOTE: Launchpad builds its own .debs, so this does not depend on building packages above. The “Update files:” step above should be complete though (Debian changelog, defs_version.h, etc.).
  10. Take release screenshots for press page and blog post.
    1. Deere, LateNight, Shade, Tango
    2. Load up samplers, preview deck, etc.
    3. Make all the screenshots roughly uniform (same view, same tracks loaded, etc.)
    4. Take screenshots of the Mixxx window itself, not with your cluttered desktop in the background.
      1. macOS can produce particularly pretty drop-shadow screenshots with Shift-Command-4 followed by the spacebar, then click the window to screenshot.
  11. [Be] Release announcement:
    1. Write announcement in new forum thread. For the “Post topic as” option below the text box to type the post, select “Announcement”.
    2. Cross-post to Zulip #announce stream
    3. Cross-post to mixxx-devel
    4. Cross-post to Facebook
  12. Update the website
    1. Update download page:
      1. Do this after posting the announcement forum thread so you can link to the announcement
      2. hide beta downloads
      3. move current release to previous
      4. replace current with new links
      5. update Google Analytics labels
    2. Update frontpage / features page / etc.
    3. Update screenshot downloads on Press page.
    4. Update screenshot in OpenGraph markup (so social shares have updated images!)
    5. Update credits for contributors to latest release.
    6. Update symlink to point to 2.2.
    7. Update copyright date here and on the blog
  13. Launchpad Updates
    1. Mark milestone released
    2. Change “Fix committed” bugs to “Fix released”


  1. Email package maintainers
    1. Gentoo
    2. Fedora
  2. E-mail bloggers
  3. Ask other Mixxx users to post on their blogs
  4. Send release email to everyone in the “Press Contacts” Google Doc.
  5. Update software directories
    1. Freshmeat Freecode No longer maintained.
    2. OhLoh OpenHub
  6. Social Media / Forums
    1. Facebook – Boost Post ($$)
    2. Twitter
    3. LinkedIn Connected DJs group
    4. Reddit r/DJs
    5. DJTechTools Forums
    6. TranceAddict Forums
  7. Update SourceForge to point people to the newest version


  1. ✓ [rryan] Create 2.3.x-unix and 2.3.x-windows branches in the buildserver repo.
  2. ✓ [rryan] Create manual-2.3.x branch in the manual repo.
  3. ✓ [rryan] Update master README, defs_version.h, defs_urls.h.
  4. Prepare Jenkins for v2.3:
    1. ✓ [rryan] Create v2.3 folder for jobs.
    2. ✓ [rryan] Copy manual-2.2-publish job to v2.3
    3. ✓ [rryan] Copy buildserver-2.2-* jobs to v2.3
  5. Once a mixxxdj/mixxx 2.3 branch exists:
    1. Copy mixxx-2.2-release and mixxx-2.2-beta-ppa and 'mixxx-2.2-release-ppa'' jobs from v2.2.
      1. NOTE: do not run mixxx-2.3-release-ppa until ready to release.
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