Hercules DJControl Jogvision

Whether you’re just getting started DJing or you’ve already refined your skills, you can let your creativity run wild. Enjoy excellent precision and comfort to create your mixes using the circular displays on the jog wheels to guide your movements and perfect your scratches, and have fun with the amazing contactless AIR Control sensor. Your adventure starts right here and now. It’s your turn!


This controller is a class compliant USB MIDI and audio device, so it can be used without any special drivers on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. For Windows, please install the latest driver package available from the Support page.

Sound card setup

This controller has built-in 4 channel output sound card, with:



Master Output

RCA and 3.5mm jack

Booth Output

RCA and 3.5mm jack

Headphone Output

6.35mm and 3.5mm jack

Microphone Input

6.35mm jack

Auxiliary Input

3.5mm jack

  • Open Preferences ‣ Sound Hardware

  • Select the Output tab

  • From the Master drop-down menu, select the audio interface, then Channels 1-2

  • From the Headphones drop-down menu, select the audio interface, then Channels 3-4

  • Click Apply to save the changes.

Please refer to the user manual for more details about the audio configuration in Mixxx.


The :hwlabel:`MASTER` and :hwlabel:`HEADPHONE` knobs, as well as the :hwlabel:`MASTER` button are hardware controls and interact directly with the integrated sound card’s output.

Mapping configuration

Edit the Hercules_DJControl_Jogvision-scripts.js, and change the CFG.(user|fine) variables to fit your needs:


This controller mapping can be customized by editing the corresponding Javascript file and editing the configuration options at the top of the file.

All controls act as labeled, but there are some additional functionalities that have been added:



:hwlabel:`MODE` + :hwlabel:`LOOP ON`

Set a loop_in mark (with currently defined loop_size), activate it, and enable slip mode

:hwlabel:`MODE` + :hwlabel:`LOOP X½` / :hwlabel:`LOOP X2`

Do a beatjump backward/forward

:hwlabel:`MODE` + :hwlabel:`LOOP SIZE` knob

Decrease/Increase pitch (only key, not tempo!)

:hwlabel:`MODE` + Jog Wheel plate (playing)

Scratch with ’Slip’ on (deactivate ’Slip’ when plate is released)

:hwlabel:`MODE` + Jog Wheel plate (stopped)

Move song position backward/forward faster

:hwlabel:`MODE` + :hwlabel:`BROWSER` knob turn

Move library’s selected position multiple elements forward/backward

:hwlabel:`MODE` + :hwlabel:`LOAD` buttons

Toggle ’quantize’ for deck where :hwlabel:`MODE` button is pressed

:hwlabel:`SHIFT` + :hwlabel:`LOAD` buttons

Eject track from deck where :hwlabel:`SHIFT` key is pressed

:hwlabel:`SHIFT` + :hwlabel:`BROWSER` knob press

Activate (double-click) currently selected item in browser

:hwlabel:`SHIFT` + :hwlabel:`LOOP SIZE` knob

Move existing loop forward/backward

:hwlabel:`SHIFT` + Jog Wheel touch

Do a backspin

:hwlabel:`SHIFT` + :hwlabel:`MULTI FX`

Set beatgrid to current position

:hwlabel:`SHIFT` + :hwlabel:`AIR CONTROL` Filter

Do the reverse than standard, that is, high-pass filter