1. Automatically generated TODO list

The following list is automatically generated from .. TODO:: directives in the text.

1.1. TODO items

Da fare

Add intro and proofread

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Da fare

Example of a todo

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Da fare

Release Checklist:

  • Disable the For documentation writers toctree from TOC in /index.rst

  • Temp delete this todo in /index.rst

  • Update the release and version tags in /conf.py

  • Run make html to produce html output for http://mixxx.org/manual/

  • Run make latexpdf to produce pdf output for distribution

  • Run make latexpdf twice, or the TOC is missing from the resulting pdf

(L'riga originale si trova in /tmp/tmps5wajujn/918da83b3cc1a910e5878d2c0ed74c393bbd3290/source/index.rst, linea 9.)