thanks to the mixxx software team and contributors

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thanks to the mixxx software team and contributors

Postby Slo Lockness » Thu Jun 11, 2020 9:05 pm

hello everyone I often test the beta versions of mixxx well done for the new intro and outro option I don't know how to control it perfectly yet I really like putting it in auto-dj mode I would like the bland intro to start just before the singer starts sing I like to start the song directly with the crossfader in the center then make the transition at the beginning of the singer's lyrics I often put 32 beats in intro in and intro out
same for the outro I also noticed in the beta version I have to erase the beat grid then reanalyze the bpm tempo so that it is correctly adjust bravo also for the queen mary mixxx bpm engine has the most exact bpm engine it outperforms virtual dj and traktor and djay pro I hope that you will soon introduce the loops in the hots cue for live remixes I have a hercules universal controller dj I love the 8 cues that he owns I use version 2.4 of mixxx 2020-06-09
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