Mac OSX: how to edit Keyboard-Mappings

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Mac OSX: how to edit Keyboard-Mappings

Postby derTHOMMESisses » Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:21 am


as I stumbled over two or three issues editing the Keyboard-Mapping on my Mac, here is how to edit the mapping without hassle:

1. go to MIXX-application (Finder, Mixx is mostly in the "applications"-folder.
2. right-click or ctrl-click on the MIXXX-icon, a Menu opens
3. click on "show package contents" -> a new finder-window will open
4. In the new Finder-Window open "contents" -> "resources" -> "Keyboard"
5. click once on the file "standard.kbd.cfg" so that this is highlighted.
6. hold the command (cmd or "apple")-key and press "d", -> a copy of the file is created: "standard.kbd.cfg copy".
7. Right-click or ctrl-click the file "standard.kbd.cfg", a Menu opens
8. click on "open with..." -> "other..."
9. A "choose Application"-window opens. search for "TextEdit" and double-click it. Text-Edit opens with the Keyboard-Layout.
10. make changes to the Keyboard-mapping as desired.
11. When you´re ready, choose "File" -> "Save" from the menu.
12. Relaunch MIXXX, test your keyboard-shortcuts.
13. (funny, this is #13...) if you were saving your File with "save as...", it is likely, that the Mapping-file does not work.
14. go to your mapping-file and right-click or ctrl-click on it
15. choose "get info" - a menu opens
16. in the info-menu you will find "Name & Extension".
17. In "Name and Extension" you see your filename with the extension ".txt".
18. Erase the ".txt" (don´t miss the dot! everything must be erased!), hit return
19. A Message pops up: "Are you sure you want to change the extension from “.txt” to “.cfg”?" -> choose ".cfg".
20. close all finder-windows and restart MIXXX.

hope this helps...

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