All the power in your hands, download my keyboard assignment

Customized keyboard mappings that suit different uses

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All the power in your hands, download my keyboard assignment

Postby jhonn » Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:06 pm

Edited on 2019-06-23.

This is a custom keyboard assignment for those who want to
be valid only for your PC computer, is to say your keyboard and integrated audio output (to make an immediate test of the pre listener it is recommended to configure
The MAIN output to the LEFT channel of your integrated Soundcard
and the output for PRE LISTEN HEADPHONEs to the RIGHT channel).

the shortcuts assigned to the 0 p ñ - keys may vary depending on their
regional area of ​​the keyboard because my region is Spanish language, can also influence the operating system, this assignment was built on Linux-Manjaro cinnamon desktop, so if they run this operating system will only have to edit 2 system default shortcuts to everything works at 99.9%.

Editing default keyboard shortcuts of the manjaro cinnamon OS.
ctrl + alt + a = paper function, select "edit actions", then select tab "keyboard shortcuts", then change to an alternative shortcut of your choice manually (CTRL + ALT + M recommended).

ctrl + alt + l = screen lock, select Menu (the usual menu) from the cinnamon panel, select "system settings", select "keyboard", select tab "keyboard shortcuts", select "system", select "block" screen ", change the shortcut" CTRL + ALT + L "to another alternative of your preference that is not occupied by other functionality of the system, you can try with all windows and applications minimized or closed, then press ctrl + alt + any letter and the one that is unassigned is a good candidate as an alternative shortcut.

(I tried the assignment in windows 8.1 and the functionality is very limited)

This configuration is dedicated to the 4-course mix since personally
I think this way the mixture is more flexible.

This allowance may not seem right to some, but from my point of
Vista is the most intuitive way to have an optimized control for the live mix... Thanks for your reading, we support this
MIXXX project, is a free software with sufficient benefits.

I offer you two options:

1. Enter this link!GuhwWKhR!EX2iytn-brunx7llnkVGfg

You can view and/or download a map in PNG/JPG format of the shortcuts (File loaded). You will also find the File:
Custom.kbd.cfg That you should paste in the Directory:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Mixxx (in windows).
~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Mixxx (in MacOS)
~/.mixxx/Custom.kbd.cfg (in Linux)

2. Copy all the text below (contains the settings) copy to a
File "txt " then change the name and extension of the TXT file by:
Custom.kbd.cfg and place it in the directory:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Mixxx (in windows).
~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Mixxx (in MacOS)
~/.mixxx/Custom.kbd.cfg (in Linux)

For you to get an idea, the controls are horizontal, ie
from: "1 " > "0 " = dish 1
"q " > "p " = dish 2
"a " > "ñ " = Dish 3
"z " > "-" = Dish 4
"F1 " > "F4 " = On/off Pre Listen
"F5 " > "F12 " = Play Samples (8 samples)
" º " = Auto DJ on/off


------2018-12-31 Imperfectes Improved.
------2018-12-08 Completely renovated functions for better performance. ______Merry Christmas and happy new year_____
------2019-01-10 Hot Cue 3, 4 added.
------2019-04-16 Some More added features.
------2019-06-23 functions Shift + any key, moved to Ctrl + Alt + any key, by low priority of those functions. Shift + any key completely new functions.

Code: Select all
enabled º

group_[Channel1]_enable shift+!
group_[Channel1]_enable shift+=

group_[Channel2]_enable shift+Q
group_[Channel2]_enable shift+P

group_[Channel3]_enable shift+A
group_[Channel3]_enable shift+Ñ

group_[Channel4]_enable shift+Z
group_[Channel4]_enable shift+_

beatjump_4_backward ctrl+alt+2
beatjump_4_forward ctrl+alt+3

eject ctrl+alt+9

hotcue_1_activate 5
--hotcue_1_clear shift+%
hotcue_3_activate 7
hotcue_4_activate 8
hotcue_5_activate shift+/
hotcue_6_activate shift+(

LoadSelectedTrack 9

loop_in ctrl+alt+7
loop_in_goto ctrl+alt+1
loop_out ctrl+alt+8

--rate_up_small shift+$
--rate_down_small shift+%
--rate_set_minus_one shift+&

reloop_toggle 4
reloop_exit ctrl+alt+4

pfl F2
volume_toggle F2

play 0
play_stutter 1

sync_enabled 6
sync_key 6

beatjump_4_backward ctrl+alt+w
beatjump_4_forward ctrl+alt+e

eject ctrl+alt+o

hotcue_1_activate t
--hotcue_1_clear shift+T
hotcue_3_activate u
hotcue_4_activate i
hotcue_5_activate shift+U
hotcue_6_activate shift+I

LoadSelectedTrack o

loop_in ctrl+alt+u
loop_in_goto ctrl+alt+q
loop_out ctrl+alt+i

--rate_up_small shift+r
--rate_down_small shift+t
--rate_set_minus_one shift+y

reloop_toggle r
reloop_exit ctrl+alt+r

pfl F3
volume_toggle F3

play p
play_stutter q

sync_enabled y
sync_key y

--beatjump_4_backward ctrl+alt+2
--beatjump_4_forward ctrl+alt+3

--eject shift+L

hotcue_1_activate g
--hotcue_1_clear shift+G
hotcue_3_activate j
hotcue_4_activate k
hotcue_5_activate shift+J
hotcue_6_activate shift+K

LoadSelectedTrack l

--loop_in shift+J
loop_in_goto ctrl+alt+a
--loop_out shift+K

--rate_up_small shift+f
--rate_down_small shift+g
--rate_set_minus_one shift+h

reloop_toggle f
reloop_exit ctrl+alt+f

pfl F1
volume_toggle F1

play ñ
play_stutter a

sync_enabled h
sync_key h

--beatjump_4_backward shift+X
--beatjump_4_forward shift+C

--eject shift+:

hotcue_1_activate b
--hotcue_1_clear shift+B
hotcue_3_activate m
hotcue_4_activate ,
hotcue_5_activate shift+M
hotcue_6_activate shift+;

LoadSelectedTrack .

--loop_in shift+M
loop_in_goto ctrl+alt+z
--loop_out shift+;

--rate_up_small shift+v
--rate_down_small shift+b
--rate_set_minus_one shift+n

reloop_toggle v
reloop_exit ctrl+alt+v

pfl F4
volume_toggle F4

play -
play_stutter z

sync_enabled n
sync_key n

enabled shift+$
meta_down shift+"
meta_up shift+·

enabled shift+R
meta_down shift+W
meta_up shift+E

--enabled ctrl+alt+f
--meta_down ctrl+alt+s
--meta_up ctrl+alt+d

enabled shift+F
meta_down shift+S
meta_up shift+D

enabled shift+V
meta_down shift+X
meta_up shift+C

--enabled ctrl+alt+ñ
--meta_down ctrl+alt+j
--meta_up ctrl+alt+k

super1_down 2
super1_up 3

super1_down w
super1_up e

super1_down s
super1_up d

super1_down x
super1_up c

cue_gotoandplay F5
repeat shift+F5

cue_gotoandplay F6
repeat shift+F6

cue_gotoandplay F7
repeat shift+F7

cue_gotoandplay F8
repeat shift+F8

cue_gotoandplay F9
repeat shift+F9

cue_gotoandplay F10
repeat shift+F10

cue_gotoandplay F11
repeat shift+F11

cue_gotoandplay F12
repeat shift+F12
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