Beatmaker Skin (for touch tablet 1920x1080)

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Beatmaker Skin (for touch tablet 1920x1080)

Postby guen » Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:56 pm

I've just bought a Surface3 Tablet and wanted to use it with mixxx.
The controls of the default skins where all way to small for this machine. So I decided to write my own.
Rotary knobs don't work well with touch so there are only sliders...

This is a first draft. I included the controls wich I use for making my beats. It's mostly cuepoint jusggling for getting my chops.
I find it usefull to record some loops inside mixxx so there is a record button top right.
The three button rows are
hotcues_deck1 (orange),
hotcues_deck2 (blue),
sampler1-4(purple) (load via library)

You can toggle between library (fullscreen), deckcontrol and eq with << and >> . I am not totally happy with this solution.
The style of the library is from latenight skin and the vumeters from shade I think... have to do them myself...

changes I have planned
- headphone for deck1 and deck2
- one fx
- gain for deck1 and deck2
- The eq Section is ugly .... I have to change at least the kill buttons
- Some artwork for the background maybe...

If you miss somethings or have other suggestions please let me know


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