LateNight 4 Decks Optimized skin

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LateNight 4 Decks Optimized skin

Postby wizedom » Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:31 pm

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Hi folks

This skin is mostly based on the great work of Magnetixx

I especially loved the top wave forms but as I like to mix on 4 decks they took too much space on the library view, so I took the liberty to resize them, trying to get a good size compromise between the wave forms at the top, the 4 decks and the library.

As you'll see on the screenshot, I re-arranged the order of the top 4 wave forms to allow for mixing between deck 1 and 2, deck 2 and 4 and deck 3 and 4.
Finally, being and IT geek by day, while blue is my favorite color, I prefer "green on black" in dark environment, hence why I changed the interface to be mostly in that color (but in the process I messed up with colors of the wave form within each decks. So I've got to correct that :roll: ).

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Re: LateNight 4 Decks Optimized skin

Postby kazakore » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:23 am

Will give this a look. I generally use the Dark Metal skin, which I do like a lot, but it is non-standard as it certain functionality of shortcuts do not work in it such a Spacebar to toggle Library mode, thus I suspect trying to map MIDI to opens sections such as the FX wont work in it either. Hence I want a skin which I enjoy enough to use that has all functionality while trying to get my controller mapping completed (even if I'm currently stuck on step one) so I hope this can be it....
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Re: LateNight 4 Decks Optimized skin

Postby ronso » Mon May 07, 2018 10:58 am

hej wizedom,
please check out official Mixxx 2.1! Amongst other changes, it contains an updated version of LateNight which does exactly what you want: 4 full-width stacked waveforms and all 2.1 features are integrated
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