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PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:54 am
by jorgerosa

(Includes full source code. They are mostly all XML and SVG files)

1) 100% Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
• 100% Quality lossless graphics.
Not even one bitmat anywhere.

2) Fully resizable.
• Small screen users can use it too.
All elements must fit nicely in all resolutions. Please note that If your resolution is too small, some racks (rows) may overlap, even so, you can still disable their visibility (there are lots of buttons, in the top bar, for that. These buttons are always visible, no matter what, even you "enable" everything). Ready from 1024x550, to infinity.

3) Mixxx features.
• Contains the lattest Mixxx features.
But!... I´m sure that not all tasks arent done, so I´m always sharping the graphics, correcting issues, adding forgotten stuff...

4) Unique features.
• Contains original and unique features.
I´ll try to add features not available (yet!...) anywhere else, they must be functional too, of course. Like the analog VUs, the digital fonts, strobes, a grey only color scheme (a fully "metallic" skin), add your own logo or texts, etc, etc, etc... Our imagination (vs. the code), will be the limit...


• Image with scheme color examples:

• View the next image here:


A) Don´t forget to backup any "logo_x.svg" file(s)... IF you already have created any logo before.
B) Remove any older version of "DarkMetal". (Just delete the "DarkMetal" folder... IF you already have one)
1 • Download and unzip the "" archive. (~1Mb only file size)
2 • Move the new folder (with all contents), to your MIXXX skins folder.
( Just as an path example, in Windows OS: "C:\Program Files\Mixxx\skins\DarkMetal" )
3 • Double click in the included "digital.otf" to install that font.
4 • Start MIXXX, then go to "Options" > "Preferences" > "Interface" > "Skin" > select the "DarkMetal" option.
5 • Done!...


Small Tutorial Video:
Tutorial: Install + Features/Usage + Create your own Radio Station


Last update: 12 June 2018 - Changes Log:
(Lattest features added at the bottom of this list)

1: Added the new Laptop Battery indicator. (NOT functional, since it is not compiled with Mixxx yet)
2: Added the new "recording time" indicator.
3: Corrected colors for the #AARRGGBB color format. (Noticeable in the waves)
4: Added "star rating" in the main (big) decks.
5: Added the new "effect selector" (QComboBox) in the effects. (Click in the effect name)
6: Added button to show/hide the vinyl controls. (Per deck/channel. Because it seems that many people just dont use it)
7: Added button for "quick effect". (Per deck/channel, in the main (big) decks)
8: Added the "Beat Jump" and "Beat Loop" options.
9: Changed channels texts from "AB","CD" to "12","34". (Requested by users)
10: Added the "cover art", in the small buttons row. (Placed on decks. Helps me a lot, because it "drag-n-drop" feature)
11: Added options to select by module on the "Mics", "Aux" and at "Long Waves".
12: GUI was re-designed (Excessive/Confusing buttons. Much more user-friendly/intuitive GUI by now). And now it works great on vertical monitors, too.
13: All resources were optimized (~300Kb less).
14: Big Decks and Mini Decks can now move partially too. (Done by a Splitter)
15: Beat Sync in the mixer. (Between the Big Decks)
16: Fixed many many other small (minor) issues.
17: Strobes were added! (Experimental yet - Works great with music beats... BUT only after "Gains" from 8.0 and plus on most musics...
I will try to do it better using <transform> or any other trick, but will be hard ... ... ... )
18: Possibility to display your own logo (Edit any file "logo_x.svg", located inside the "graphics-logos" folder, then edit "mylogo"´s value at "skin.xml" file)
19: Added all the 64 Samplers.
20: Added music drop areas, for all decks, in the library toolbar (Specially handy when the library is in full view mode)
21: Added tooltips (Will be a progressive work...)
22: Added ducking to the microphones
23: Added all beat and grid options (Small buttons. Visible in Big Decks)
24: Added all key options (Small buttons. Visible in Big Decks)
25: Ducking options fixed (On microphones)

INFO: This skin is always tested with the lattest Mixxx builds, so may not work well in previous Mixxx versions!
Last test on: mixxx-2.3.0 - The lattest compiled MIXXX releases are here:

INFO: If you encounter any skin issues, they may be caused because Mixxx saves and keeps all skins "old" variables and "old" settings, in files. For example: In "Windows OS" these files are usually saved at: "C:\Users\<Your User Name>\AppData\Local\Mixxx\". Deleting these skins related files should solve all that issues. (Note: Mixxx will create new ones there when running. So, everything would be updated by then)

Skin Download: Dark Metal v.2.9.8
DOWNLOAD #1: (Aprox: ~1.6Mb)
DOWNLOAD #2: (backup, if above URL fails)


HOW-TO: Change between the three available type of "lights"?... (squared/rounded/line)
1 • Open the "skin.xml" search and replace the variable "strobtype"´s value by "1", "2" or "3".
2 • Save the file. Reload the skin... Done!...
HOW-TO: Change between the three available spinning "discs"?... (bobine/cd/vinyl)
1 • Open the "skin.xml" search and replace the variable "spinnytype"´s value by "1", "2" or "3".
2 • Save the file. Reload the skin... Done!...
HOW-TO: Select one from the many available color schemes?...
1 • Start your Mixxx, then go to "Options" > "Preferences" > "Interface" > "Color scheme" > select a color from that list.
2 • Done!...
HOW-TO: Create my own custom color scheme?...
1 • Open the "skin.xml" file.
2 • Create a new <Scheme> group, play with <HConst> and <SConst> values (see the existent ones there as examples), save that file and reload the skin to test it (this is done by selecting the "DarkMetal" skin again, from that dropdown menu). And... If the result is great, don´t forget to share (post here) those custom values to us!!
3 • Done!...
HOW-TO: Create and display my own logo?...
1 • Open any "logo_x.svg" file. These files are located at the "graphics-logos" folder. (You may use INKSCAPE to open/edit or create a new logo file)
2 • Draw your own logo, or just type your texts there. (Texts must be converted to paths, before saving the file)
3 • Open the "skin.xml" search and replace the variable "mylogo"´s value by "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", etc, etc... (Just set the variable to the number of the "logo_x.svg" file that you intend to be displayed)
4 • Save all the files. Reload the skin... Done!...


TODO... (or not...)
Bugs Launchpad - Customize the yellow icons from the treeview: (As reported by Lee Matos)
Bugs Launchpad - Texts colors are out from color process "on the fly" (Color Schemes) (Report?...)
Bugs Launchpad - Add an audio stream receiver: (As reported by me)
Bugs Launchpad - Graphics colors intensity (opacity/etc...) syncronized with the current playing song: (As reported by me)


Dark Metal "on screen" features:
• Many color schemes • 9 possiblities to show/hide racks buttons (Select only the right racks for you, so the skin gets the visual that you wish) • 64 Samplers (with load/save banks buttons) • 4 Decks • 4 Long Waves • 4 Analog VU Meters + Mutes • 4 Effects racks • 4 Micros • 4 Auxiliaries • Broadcast (for shoutcast/streaming audio) • REC button • Auto DJ • Mini Player (With 4 decks, great for smaller screens) • Etc, etc, etc...


The "making of" Dark Metal skin:
• Tools:
1) Notepad++ (My preferred to edit XML files): ...OR... The "modernish" Atom:
2) INKSCAPE (To draw the vectorial graphics):
3) SVG Explorer Extension (Very handy and useful since it generates SVG thumbnails in the Windows´s explorer): ...OR... For GNU/Linux users, one from these (choose only the ones with SVG support, of course): ... ntukubuntu
• Tips:
1) The included SVG files in this skin, not only are the screen displayed "images", but they are the editable/working files too, so they can be opened and customized by anyone else too. You just need to have INKSCAPE or similar.
2) Avoid Corel Draw (Tested with the lattest Corel Draw X7) - Very powerfull, but it adds extra proprietary metadata in the SVG files, what results in huge file sizes and it converts shadows into bitmaps. Besides all that, most of those files just can´t be parsed with Mixxx, or any other "standard" opensource SVG parser.
3) Always export SVG files (from INKSCAPE) with all texts converted to paths!
4) Preparing graphics to handle all the possible color <Schemes> correctly (When system is processing colors, to generate a new color scheme, colors may blur borders (eg: Very visible at the buttons), this happens because that colors are overriding theirs (normally defined by 1px strokes) own limits, what makes the visuals very ugly and incorrect). To avoid this: A) Degradee the colors to 100% black (or white) just before it reaches your graphic maximum width or height, just 1px before, will be enought. B) Void set <VConst> values. 0 (zero) should always be "perfect".
5) Want to broadcast (for tests or to create your own radio)? Just go here: (Its the one that I use, fast to create an account, HQ audio stream, decent radio urls, allows 5000 listeners on the free plan, decent backoffice, decent in overall aspects). I´ve tried many many others... Just wasting my time!... Don´t waste yours... (There could be much better audio streaming servers than this one, of course. But I havent found any until the moment, and I´m completly happy with this one... at least, until now... And the most important, it hosts the best radio on the moon, Jorge Radio: - Probably offline at the moment... ... ... )


Other Software: Unknown Invaders (Game)
And... While you are waiting for the guests to start your DJ session...
You may now entertain yourself with this game that... don´t "break" your DARKMETAL "DARK / VINTAGE" STYLE!... ;)
Info: Displays the system clock in-game too, so you wont be late...

- Works only os "windows" now, but I will compile for all the other platforms too.
- Its portable (No install is required).


VIDEO: ... L&index=77

DOWNLOAD: (Aprox: ~30Mb)

Have fun! :)
I´ll be back!...


Other Software: IMP - Irrlicht Music Player
(Compiled for Windows OS only atm. No install is required, its fully portable. Includes full source code)
(All the included/needed libraries are "opensource" and "platform-independent")

This project is not related with MIXXX, but plays music too, and since I use it a lot to entretain the kids in the house... Here it goes...
Its a "live music player", can work like a "karaoke" or to "read bed time stories" (reads ".txt" and ".srt" subtitles files formats), BEST if you record your own voice reading stories, works like magic to the kids... Many many examples are included too. Just digg trought all that files, should be easy to customise all that stuff.


• Above image here:

VIDEO: ... L&index=57

DOWNLOAD URL - #1: (Aprox: ~77Mb)
made in Portugal :roll:


Other Software: MOVE - Mixxx Ogre3D Visual Effects v.0.0.8
(Compiled for Windows OS only atm. No install is required, its fully portable. Includes full source code)
(All the included/needed libraries are "opensource" and "platform-independent")


• Above full size image here:

VIDEO: ... L&index=42

- Tries to "give" to the music some 3D visual effects.
- The main idea is to work along with Mixxx (synchronized visuals) while playing music. At this moment this soft is standalone.
- This software will display some 3D visuals (to be sent to a 2nd monitor or to TV sets). You could display your DJ name, Bar/Pub/Disco name, your own sponsor, etc, etc.......

1) The ".exe" (executable files) are inside the "bin" folder.
2) KEYS and many REVELANT information is in the "README" file.

• Needs to be compiled for all platforms (Compiled only for MS Windows at the moment)

SMALL VIDEO: ... L&index=41

DOWNLOAD URL - #1: ... al-effects (Aprox: ~17Mb)
DOWNLOAD URL - #2: (From GitHub)
made in Portugal :roll:


Other Software: UEMMC - Ultra Easy Minimal Media Converter
(Compiled for Windows OS only atm. No install is required, its fully portable. NO source code included! I cant find it atm, sorry!)
(All the included/needed libraries are "opensource" and "platform-independent")

This project is not related with MIXXX, but its a fast and handy tool to convert between many media (music) formats.
I use this one a lot, and in case someone needs it too... Here it goes...


• Above image here:

DOWNLOAD URL - #1: (Aprox: ~38Mb)
DOWNLOAD URL - #2: ... -Converter (From GitHub)
made in Portugal :roll:

In case you need more stuff, try this URL: (Look there at the "free projects" or in the "downloads" section)

HAVE FUN !!! :) :) :)


Re: SKIN HD [Black + Red + Grey + Resources] Hello all!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:32 am
by picheto
Looks nice Jorge, I'd add a bit more contrast between the button icons and background (I find them difficult to read, but may be because of the screenshot size).

Thanks for sharing :)

Re: SKIN HD [Black + Red + Grey + Resources] Hello all!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 9:19 am
by jorgerosa
picheto wrote:(...) more contrast between the button icons and background (...)
Exactly what i tought!... Oh man, I have so many many many code to do besides playing with this... But... There I go... again... And there is the version 1.1 contrast improved and lots of great new stuff... Nah... just a few tweaks, but you were right, this new one looks much better with more buttons contrast. People, don´t forget all working files are there, (PSD format) so you could easily improve this, and share it! Thanks for your comment picheto!
EDIT: Many changes were done. (It´s now Dark Metal V.1.1)

Re: SKIN HD [Black + Red + Grey + Resources] Hello all!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:50 am
by jus
jorgerosa wrote:BTW... There is a way to change the browse folder select bar and the scrollers, etc?...

Yes, you can style all controls. See for example.
It is an older skin, but today it works pretty much the same. There are many comments for the controls in the skin.xml, look at the <Style> inside the <TableView> key.

Re: SKIN HD [Black + Red + Grey + Resources] Hello all!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:15 am
by jorgerosa
jus wrote: (...) Yes, you can style all controls (...)
Indeed!... That url helped me a lot, so I´ve improved my skin a bit. Looks much more pretty now (I think). I´ve updated the 1st post urls.
Thankyou for show me the right path to fix it, jus!
EDIT: Many changes were done. (It´s now Dark Metal V.1.2)

Re: SKIN - Full HD [Black+Reds+Greys+Resources]

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:04 pm
by jus
This skin still have some "issues"...
1) In previous image, in "point 1", that select bar still gets blue in "MS Windows" and yellow in "Ubuntu". (Should be grey in any OS. Also can I remove that rounded corners?)
2) In previous image, in "point 2" that select bar looks OK in "MS Windows" (It´s grey), but gets yellow in "Ubuntu". (Should be grey in any OS)

Looks ok in Mac OSX too, do you have a custom system color scheme installed on Ubuntu by any chance?
3) When selecting/changing the rating stars, their background changes to a diffetent color (gets the row original color), how to avoid this?...

Not your fault, unfortunately there are some platform specific issues with the star rating widget:
4) All buttons that appear (eg: Selecting "Recordings", "Hidden Tracks", etc, etc...), appear in "white", can I skin them, too?...

Style the QPushButton class, used in the skin.xml from my first response, e.g.
Code: Select all
QPushButton { font: 15px/17px Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans Unicode, Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; background: #061319; color: #00F4FF; margin-right:10px; padding: 4px; border: 1px solid #00F4FF;}
QPushButton:pressed { background: #00F4FF; color: #061319; padding: 4px; border: 1px solid #00F4FF;}
QPushButton::checked { background: #00F4FF; color: #061319; padding: 4px; border: 1px solid #00F4FF;}

Re: SKIN - Full HD [Black+Reds+Greys+Resources]

PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:30 pm
by jorgerosa
Thanks for all the precious help jus !!!
jus: "(...) a custom system color scheme installed (...)" - Nope. It´s UBUNTU´s default color scheme (I´ve not changed nothing there... yet!...) ;)
But I see your point. But, probably its because I´m missing something in Qt ...
EDIT: Many changes were done. (It´s now Dark Metal V.1.3)
... Now, I need looong waves for a easier beat sync, so...
EDIT: Many changes were done. (It´s now Dark Metal V.1.4)

In (Gnu/Linux) UBUNTU that select bar still gets the native OS yellow color. I´ll keep on trying to fix that (There must be a way/workaround with Qt ... not ?...)

Re: SKIN - [ Dark Metal V.1.4 ] - NEW !!!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:07 pm
by ywwg
You can set a custom GTKRC (!) and those colors will be used by QT to change those other colors. It's annoying because we can't set those colors inside the skin definition itself.

Re: SKIN - [ Dark Metal V.1.4 ] - NEW !!!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 6:23 pm
by jorgerosa
ywwg wrote:(...) You can set a custom GTKRC (...)
Cool! I´ll digg about that as soon I´ve time. Thanks for the tip, ywwg.

Re: SKIN - [ Dark Metal V.1.4 ] - NEW !!!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:47 am
by NickyBlue
Nice work! I think you made mixxx default skin format really alive. As for Deck colors I think you use red shade for both deck. maybe your choice or reasons but that's prety thing and can be mordified easily for ones taste.

And thanks for those psd files. Maybe I can make a one for my monitor resolution or to create a little different arrangement suitable for my machine and style. Like seems my old cpu not too happy over too many waveform running same time But again that's my personel machine problem. ;)

Thanks buddy for sharing your work!