? 2 actions with one button ?

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? 2 actions with one button ?

Postby +X^N » Wed May 29, 2019 11:43 pm

I would like to modify the LateNight skin to make the Microphone "Talk" button
also activate the "Ducking - Manual" .
Is this possible & what is the syntax ?
In the file <mic_unit.xml>
The present syntax for the "Talk" button is :
Code: Select all
                  <Template src="skin:button_2state.xml">
                    <SetVariable name="TooltipId">microphone_talkover</SetVariable>
                    <SetVariable name="Size">44f,26f</SetVariable>
                    <SetVariable name="icon">microphone_talkover</SetVariable>
                    <SetVariable name="ConfigKey"><Variable name="group"/>,talkover</SetVariable>

& In the file <mic_aux_rack.xml>
the present syntax for the "Ducking" is :
Code: Select all
                  <Template src="skin:button_3state.xml">
                    <SetVariable name="TooltipId">talkover_duck_mode</SetVariable>
                    <SetVariable name="ObjectName">MicDuckingButton</SetVariable>
                    <SetVariable name="Size">62f,28f</SetVariable>
                    <SetVariable name="state_0">micDuck</SetVariable>
                    <SetVariable name="state_0_text">OFF</SetVariable>
                    <SetVariable name="state_1">micDuck_over</SetVariable>
                    <SetVariable name="state_1_text">AUTO</SetVariable>
                    <SetVariable name="state_2">micDuck_over</SetVariable>
                    <SetVariable name="state_2_text">MANUAL</SetVariable>
                    <SetVariable name="ConfigKey">[Master],talkoverDucking</SetVariable>
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