Numark NS6ii

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Numark NS6ii

Postby jakkle21 » Tue Jun 09, 2020 9:20 pm

I just got a NS6ii after mixing on a Mixtrack Pro (the first) and noticed there was not a preset/mapping done for it so I figured I would have to be the one to try and get it working.
I started by going through the presets for the other Numark controllers that are similar and was able to get much of the board running using the Mixtrack Platinum preset by Matthew Nicholson.
Working out of the box: Platter LCD screens. Deck # Buttons. Play, Cue and Synch. Channel Volume Faders and Cross Fader. Hotcues 1-4
The EQ section seemed to work but it was running through the scripts so I remapped everything to keep it more simple and streamlined.
The Load Track and FX assign is working.

Not Working Yet.
VU meters
Srtip Search
Scratch Mode (the track stops and wont start again)
Pitch Adjust (i have them working for deck 1 & 2 but need to poke around in the scripts to get them to shift to 3 & 4)

I will update as i go and get a copy of my mapping uploaded soon.

I'm soooooo excited to have this board working as much as i do already.
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