Remote Control using tablet or phone

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Remote Control using tablet or phone

Postby DJBigLare » Sat May 14, 2016 2:37 am

So....newb moment here....has anyone been able to use an android app to control their mixxx rig on PC? I'd love the ability to at least take my music volume down when I'm across the room at an event such as a wedding reception. Additional features like loading tracks into the Auto DJ queue would be pretty sexy also, but I realize I'm already dreaming on the basic request. Anyone have any thoughts, solutions, work arounds? If the solution isn't inside of MIXXX, does anyone know of a free software that offers that capability?
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Re: Remote Control using tablet or phone

Postby Be. » Sat May 14, 2016 3:04 am

Anything that sends MIDI signals can control Mixxx if you map it. Apparently the ability to send MIDI messages over USB from Android was added to the recently released Android 6.0. If you want to be able to use it across the room though, you'd have to use some program that sends MIDI over a network or Bluetooth with another program on your computer running Mixxx to receive the MIDI coming over the network. As far as free software to do this, I don't know. :/

Unfortunately Mixxx does not support OSC. Hopefully someone will add support for OSC some day.

I for one wouldn't trust a wireless connection for my DJ controller unless it was as simple and straightforward as plugging in the dedicated USB adapter for my wireless mouse.
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Re: Remote Control using tablet or phone

Postby DJBigLare » Mon May 16, 2016 2:00 am

Thanks for the response - I did find an app that was very trustworthy from the google play store, it's called Unified Full Remote (full feature is $3.99) - it allows you to enter keyboard commands on your computer either through bluetooth or wifi via your cellphone. Using this program, I can start and stop music and use any other cue that MIXXX automatically has scripted keyboard controls for. I'll post again after I've tried it out, I think it's going to work nicely. The program does have built in "remote" ability to control google music and windows media player on your desktop from your tablet/phone - so in a pinch I could use it to control changing tracks and things of that nature outside of the MIXXX abilities at the moment.

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Re: Remote Control using tablet or phone

Postby goldphnx » Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:51 pm

DJ Control is one app that's been around for a while. It uses DSMIDIWIFI to send MIDI wirelessly. However on Linux DSMIDIWIFI isn't reliable. QMidiNet is another Midi over wifi option that's more stable but DJ Control doesn't use this. I'm looking for an app that does.
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Re: Remote Control using tablet or phone

Postby Rod Smart » Sat May 02, 2020 6:33 am

I am using MIDI DJ Remote on my IPhone to send MIDI commands to my Windows PC. Works great. I used the learn MIDI commands feature in Mixxx to assign all the buttons and sliders. I assigned outputs to control button LEDs.
I am still trying to work out how to send the track title, track time remain and VU meter data from Mixxx out to my MIDI controller app.
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