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Playlist Customization

Postby Francesco Sisca TDJ » Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:22 pm

Hi everyone, I would like to power up a little bit playlist function. I hope someone may help me.

Here there are my requisits:

- I would like to find a way (for example clicking on "playlist" button) to see gathered all together all the songs within each playlist but in a unique list, so that I might work on that list indipendently from each playlist. That list would gather all together all songs played in all playlists once. (I save all playlists during the evenings, and often I used the same songs adding new songs, therefore I would like to have a function that make me see all the songs I played in my events in a unique list).

- Moreover I would like to add one type gender more instead than only one.

I hope I was clear enough,

Thank you all,

Francesco Sisca TDJ
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