TouchOSC & MIDI translation for Linux

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TouchOSC & MIDI translation for Linux

Postby justinh » Thu Nov 13, 2014 1:24 am

Some of you are aware via my ramblings in the IRC channel that I've been messing around with TouchOSC making it control Mixxx, with resounding success - then I had to move to Linux so I could use my SSD again... But there's no neat solution like TouchOSC Bridge for Linux, only PureData.. (agh!)..

Being the inquisitive type I set about finding out how TouchOSC Bridge gets its MIDI control data to & from TouchOSC over a wireless connection...

et voila!
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Re: TouchOSC & MIDI translation for Linux

Postby amo » Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:42 pm

Good news for us Linux users with Mixxx!
Everyone writes about PureData as a solution for bridging TouchOSC to Midi, but actually it's not that easy to set it up... Now a friend of mine helped me out with this and made a little script doing the job. It's a simple little python script you can run on linux and it will work just fine as a bridge between TouchOSC and Mixxx.
Caution: there seemed to be some issues with the old Mixxx (1.11), and the script seems to need python 3 to execute correctly.
At this point, the bridge only works in one way. It will route stuff from TouchOSC to Midi (Mixxx) but not the other way yet. Feel free to contribute on GitHub!

Get it on GitHub:

Thanks to ntxy for helping out with this!
Have fun!
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Re: TouchOSC & MIDI translation for Linux

Postby klend » Mon May 21, 2018 8:43 am


Newbie to the forum here, but I wanted to share this post which I successfully got to work on my linux laptop.

This works both ways (but I only tested it out for Midi In from Android to Mixxx), and integrates well with TouchOSC for Android.
Basically this enables TouchOSCBridge for Linux
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