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Mixxx vs DJUCED 40

Postby mark77 » Mon May 13, 2019 11:18 am

Hello everyone,

hard to say, if you don't specify your problems with mixxx.
personally, i have never heard of djuced and the product page seems to advertise yet another dj software.

when you seriously manage your dj sets with a software, you make yourself dependent to it - database, categorizing, crates and playlists... so choose wisely, which program is good for the next years.

i prefer mixxx over every other software - it provides a freedom, hard to find. it's professional enough for many use cases and it runs on many systems in a reliable way. it will work alway, without subscription bullshit (virtual dj) or update enforcements - and is there on all systems.

but you have to choose your controller hardware after mixxx or be able to deal with the scripting language, when your controller is not supported very well and needs more than the learning assistant.

Thank you!
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