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Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019 (Australia) Chill stage set

PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:55 pm
by zog
using MIXXX 2.2 on my Linux laptop I was lucky enough to play another fun set on the Chill stage at this amazing Australian electronic music festival.

soundcloud link (while it's available on my limited SC account): ... 5-jan-2019

youtube link:

or direct flac download: ... 2m18s.flac

this was recorded using the MIXXX direct to wav function. I was adjusting the volume a bit outside of software with analogue controls as well so it doesn't 100% reflect the audio heard by the punters, but close enough.

interesting there is a very small glitch in the recording, at about 16.50 - I don't remember making a mixing error then, not sure what happened there..

controller used is a Pioneer DDJ SB2