simple usage of mixxx?

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simple usage of mixxx?

Postby jean valjean » Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:12 pm

Dear all,
(I rep-post this topic in this area, I put it originally in General Discussion but no replies so I assume it is not the good place, hope here is better)

this is another topic from me, really sorry I am too confused on mixxx usage.

I want to use mixxx with time codes. My setup :
- 2 technics mk2 (and professionnal RCAs between mixer and soundcards),
- 2 times codes serato cv02.5 (I have also 2 mixvibes DVS),
- 2 soundcards : mixvibes u26mk2, traktor audio 6 ( with the wonderfuls time codes mk2 not supported by mixxx :) ),
- ubuntu 14.04, I have tried ubuntu 12.04 but same picture of troubles I will explain later,
- mixxx 1.10.1 or 1.11 reproduce also same troubles for me.

So I did a lof of try of combinations, I have checked the wiring from all the TWikis.

a/ I use the u46mk2 soundcard : I put proper input/output config and I read a track on whatever deck, I have track sound :) and also the nice time code sound which gives the impression to have a wonderfull parasite in your system :(
Hopefully we can reduce this and only reduce, by going into alsamixer and put amplification gain to 0dB.
But problem is still there :( :( :( And if you switch to real vynil tracks you don't have sound anymore from the soundcard ...

b/ Now I just change the config by putting the traktor soundcard : again I put proper input/output config and I read a track on whatever deck, now problem becomes complex.
- if I choose to have "master none" in output config (as I always did and as it is recommended) I have the nice time code sound only out of mixer, and I can see in the screen that the deck is read and I can move the position on the vynil.
- if I choose to have master from lapotop in output config I can hear track from my laptop speakers and the the nice time code sound out of the mixer -> the dream of every DJ .....

So now it looks like I really don't understand how to use mixxx.
I tested 2 versions of ubuntu (with minimal things inside : install ubuntu + mixxx only), 2 soundcards, I have changed my wires, repaired my technics, I have 3 sets of timecode, and I have not the possibility to make mixxx works properly.
Anyone has an idea. Now I am tired of trying but I still don't want to re-install windows, but it seems I will have too.

From topics I read time to time (it is now 5 months I am stuck in mixxx and ubuntu), should I have to use JACK ???
Or anything else, but please I would like it to work. I don't want to use windows anymore.

jean valjean
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