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Re: Equalizer-Keyboard Control?

Postby David383 » Sat Sep 28, 2019 10:22 am

_NetWorK_ wrote:Hey,

Here is some info for you to dig into.

https://mixxx.org/manual/2.2/en/chapter ... ping-table

I didn't see a default mapping for EQ but have no fear...

https://mixxx.org/manual/2.2/en/chapter ... l#control-FirstPremierCard

Will lead you to here...

https://mixxx.org/manual/2.2/en/chapter ... d-keyboard
You will need some info from this page as well...

Here is some imporatnt info from that page...
EQs and filters

Starting in Mixxx 2.0, the equalizers and filter controls have been moved to special effects units. The EQs are controlled by [EqualizerRack1_[ChannelN]_Effect1] and the filter knob is controlled by [QuickEffectRack1_[ChannelN]],super and [QuickEffectRack1_[ChannelN]_Effect1],enabled. Users can choose between several options for the effects loaded in these racks in the Equalizers section of the Preferences window.

I hope this helps. If you need a hand don't be afraid to reply. If you tell me what keys you want to be using for the EQ I can try to build the cfg file.

Thanks, very impressive. Really I appreciate you to continue your work.
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