Is your MIDI controller not supported? Read this!

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Is your MIDI controller not supported? Read this!

Postby Pegasus » Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:02 am

Are you feeling sad because your favorite MIDI controller is not supported well or at all in Mixxx? Take heart, my friend! Don't wait months for developers! (Or forever...developers can't add support for controllers they don't have on their desks!) Mixxx offers you various ways to get your controller working right away on your own!

  • Use the MIDI Learn Wizard available on the MIDI device pane to map essential controls quickly. After you close Mixxx, copy MixxxMIDIBindings.xml to the midi sub-directory under your Mixxx installation and name it after your controller.
  • To map additional controls, edit that XML file with your favorite text editor using the information on this wiki page. The page also contains information on how to read the data your controller sends so you know which values to use incase you can't find the controller's user guide.
  • For more advanced behaviors, fine-tuning (like for jog wheels) and otherwise full control, use MIDI scripting. Don't be afraid! It uses an easy-to-learn Javascript-like language that gives you great power.
(Quick links to these pages are on our Wiki's main page.)

Once you have a mapping (and script file if you made one) that works 100%, please send it to the mixxx-devel mailing list and/or file it as a Wishlist bug so it can be included in a future Mixxx release!
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