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Postby mosael » Wed Oct 31, 2018 10:08 pm

rryan wrote:Hi there! We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get involved in Mixxx development. First off, to be clear you don't have to be a programmer to contribute.

As a non-developer, you can help develop and improve Mixxx by:
If you are a software developer here is how to get involved:
  • You don't have to know C++. There are developers who got into Mixxx development while learning C++ along the way
  • Join our mailing list: mixxx-devel
  • Join our IRC channel, #mixxx on Freenode.
  • Tell us your ideas! Email us, talk on IRC, or post on the forums.
  • Register an account on Launchpad and get our code from GitHub. See our Git Tutorial
  • Get familiar with the code. Pick a bug off of the Easy Bug List
  • Get help fixing the bug on IRC, talk to us about the best way to do it.
3 Easy Steps:

It's as easy as that!

because of whomever began it, I currently get a thought of what wiki is, thx! i'll need to make sure to stop by there and chip away at it when I find the opportunity.I saw the wiki for the spanish manual.
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