Command line automixxx program that can stream to IceCast 2

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Command line automixxx program that can stream to IceCast 2

Postby AscoltoTeccaus » Thu Jun 18, 2020 1:42 pm

Good morning,
I would like to know if someone else is interested in a CLI tool that given a configuration file, is capable of beatmatching two tracks and streaming to an IceCast 2 server.
At the moment I'm using this fork of ices0, it offers gapless playback but the effect is far from an automix.
I'm asking here because I know Mixxx has a similar featuire, but I don't know if porting it to a pure CLI version with minimal dependencies is doable, and neither how difficult would it be.

If not, is some dev available to write a similar program, against payment? I'd like to see it released with a free software license for the community.

I'm thinking about:
- linear beatmatched transitions for genres like house, techno, psy-trance, etc
- BPM analysis after loading the first track, possibly writing the value on the ID3 tags so it can re-read it faster next time
- pick up the next track (in order or casual, depends from the configuration)
- BPM analysis and record of this track. If it's out of range (+- 6% or other values) the program tries another track. For larger ranges, I believe a stretch algorithm is required
- reencode the track to match the BPM of the first track
- start this track from its first beat when the first one is 32 (or other vales) beats from ending
- fade-in and fade-out these two tracks (reply gain would be a plus)
- gradually restore the original BPM of the new track
- rinse and repeat

What do you think?
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