Why a DJ needs 24bit 192kHz playback

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Re: Why a DJ needs 24bit 192kHz playback

Postby richjoh » Sun Jun 21, 2020 12:08 am

My 2013 laptop has a Realtek ALC892 audio chip, the chip support 24bit 192kHz IN/OUT! I could use my laptop motherboard to transfer VINYL audio at 24bit 192kHz. 24bit 192kHz is special because that is the limit of human perception on detecting sound difference, like location and distance away, aka transients. I plan to rerecord my entire record collection and records I'm still collecting to 24bit 192kHz. If I have DJ software that cannot play the source file, I have no need for that DJ software.


I not trying to be a snobbish guy here. Just that its been hard telling every DJ software to support a file format that been around a long time, matured and now the everyday user has power to create such file. Forget about processing power, its surpassing software, software is what behind!

If you cannot hear a difference on your setup, good. I don't blame you for your setup. I also about a format the software doesn't support.
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Re: Why a DJ needs 24bit 192kHz playback

Postby Mixxx MIxxxermannn » Tue Jun 23, 2020 6:00 pm

Let's recap some dj software you have no use for

Traktor (96khz is the highest their hardware samples at)
Serato (96khz is the highest they support, but they recommend using 44.1khz)
Rekordbox (their hardware doesn't do any higher than 96khz, either)

3 of the biggest if not biggest companies competing with each other for dj software sales do not support 192khz sample rates. Not even the industry standard dj media player device. Considering we can't really hear above 20khz, I wonder why. Again, if you ever go to a concert, none of the mixers do 192khz, either. These mixer can cost tens of thousands, yet they still don't sample above 96khz

Furthermore, the effective frequency response of virtually all professional loudspeakers is hardly ever above 20k. Perhaps you can hear some minute details 2 meters away using some super high quality DAC and appropriate hifi or nearfield studio speakers in an otherwise quiet room, but in the real world, the acoustic conditions will be different. Air is too good at attenuating higher audio frequencies for anyone to bother reproducing them at any audible level above 20khz more than a few meters from the speakers.

Perhaps your chip can theoretically support 24bit/192khz, but there is more to digital conversion than just the dac/adc. Are you sure you are recording anything with the higher sampling rates? https://www.diamondcut.com/vforum/forum ... r-chip-set
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