Separate sampler and fx outputs

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Separate sampler and fx outputs

Postby littlerom » Wed Jan 08, 2020 6:47 pm

Hello :D , I'd like to know if there's a way to have wet FXs and samplers assignable to separate audio outputs of an external soundcard. I've seen such features in an old version of Deckadance and it could be very handy to a DVS setup with a non-USB external mixer .
I didn't figure out what was the "bus out" for :? ... The manual says decks are included :( ...(didn't manage to check)
Is there a way to customize the audio routing by a script :geek: ?
If not I think it would be a very interesting feature for next versions of MIXXX .
The purpose is to have wet FXs on a separate track of the mixer and for example the tail of an echo still audible when a deck is cut by the external mixer fader.
A simpler way would be to have the external mixing decks outs pre fader, letting us internally cut the decks and use the principal out to listen to 100% WET FXs and samplers on a separate track of the external mixer. The manual says the decks 1-4 outs are unmixed but actually they are post evreything :shock: :( ...
Please forgive me if it is not the right section of the forum to post this topic , I looked in "customization" but I've only seen skins and controller mapping topics.
Thanks to all ;) :D
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Re: Separate sampler and fx outputs

Postby Be. » Thu Jan 09, 2020 4:41 am

There is no dedicated sampler output. I have thought about replacing the bus outputs with this for a while but haven't gotten around to doing it. You can currently hack around this by using the center bus output (everything not assigned to the crossfader) for the samplers. Of course that's not obvious, nor is there a good reason to output the crossfader buses to an audio interface.

Regarding postfader effects and external mixers, there is no good way to accomplish this. Rane has a hacky solution with some mixers using an effects send/return loop to send audio from the mixer to the computer and back. The problem with this is that turning on the effects or routing a different input to the effects changes the latency of the channel going through the effects relative to all the other mixer's channel because it takes time to send it back into the computer and out again (while the other channels are only going out the computer but not back in then out again). The result is that turning on the effects creates a short pop of silence. There is no way around that; it's just how digital audio works.

If your mixer has a send/return loop, you could use a hardware echo effect, but that would not have access to the tempo information from Mixxx.

Mixxx's Deck outputs have Mixxx's effects applied to them and Mixxx applies effects after the software deck fader and crossfader. Thus, the Deck outputs are after the software faders.

Your idea of a dedicated effects output for Mixxx is interesting, but it wouldn't quite accomplish what you're going for. You'd be able to cut the dry signal and bring in the wet signal on the hardware mixer. However, the dry signal would still be going into the effect in software. Also, implementing this in Mixxx would require complicated changes to the code and I don't know how that could be shown in the GUI in a way that would make it clear what it is for without confusing lots of people who shouldn't use it.
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Re: Separate sampler and fx outputs

Postby littlerom » Thu Jan 09, 2020 10:01 am

Thanks a lot for the quick answer and for your work on the software.
I scratched my head for a while trying to use aux inputs muted and affected to fxs to achieve it (my soundcard is a xr18 capable of complex rerouting) before posting on the forum.
Maybe jackd could be the solution, I mean could all separate signals be accessible in jack for advanced users and not appearing in the gui to avoid confusing others.
If I understand the fx slot takes bpm information from thé deck affected and doesn't detect it by itself.
By the way, on win 10 I didn't manage to start mixxx after jack installation, I had the start window with the status bar then it vanished. I had it working back properly after jack uninstallation.
If not I'll have to work my way turning my beloved SMAC First into a midi controller without destroying it . Maybe PureData will help...
Thanks again
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