Newby here - who has to DJ a wedding next year!

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Newby here - who has to DJ a wedding next year!

Postby DJMJ » Wed Dec 18, 2019 6:23 pm

Hello all,

next year a friend has asked me to DJ his wedding as he knows I love music. Now I have never DJ'd live before and it is quite scary so I am wanting to prepare as much as I can. My friends are hiring the speakers, lights etc so I can plug my laptop into it. As it is a one off thing I wanted a free programme to use that would help me and another friend suggested this.

I hope you all won't mind but I am sure I will have lots of questions (the first being that I am trying to put together an initial playlist - but can I only crossfade tracks from that playlist if I use AutoDJ?). My friend did send me a YouTube tutorial but it is not overly useful (if anyone knows any excellent ones please let me know!).

Set up wise I have headphones - and I have a separate microphone - not a too long lead. I wondered if I should get one of those headphone sets with a microphone attached - a bit like what gamers use? I know the sound quality will probably not be SUPER great but this IS going to be a one-off like I say, so wondered if it would do for something like that?

I will definitely want to post and ask more as I carry on with this journey but for now thank you all! Appreciate any help as I am rather s***ting myself! :)

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Re: Newby here - who has to DJ a wedding next year!

Postby JosepMa » Wed Dec 18, 2019 8:34 pm


I guess you mean to automatically crossfade tracks.
That currently is only supported when doing AutoDJ, since the main use of Mixxx is that the user does it manually ( Ideally with a physical controller ).

Said that, you could try if using the AutoDJ queue, and using the fadeout now button could work for you.

Now, given that you say that your use case is a Weeding, a separate microphone could be a good thing, as sometimes people like to say something to the others or they might have fun singing the song together. Of course, if the cable is short, that might not be possible.

So for now, I recommend you to locate tracks, play with the autoDJ a bit (it could give you ideas) and prepare playlists with what you would like to play.
When that day comes, they probably will ask this or that song so it's not really important to have a good playlist, just to have some ideas.
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Re: Newby here - who has to DJ a wedding next year!

Postby Mixxx MIxxxermannn » Thu Dec 19, 2019 1:08 pm

if a sound system and lights are being rented for the occasion, have them rent an appropriate vocal mic (shure sm58 is the standard all others are compared to) and mic cable.

If possible, I'd also recommend renting or borrowing a usb connected dj controller with integrated sound card, so you can queue up tracks in headphones, easily start/stop, and blend/fade/mix the various tracks. If that is not possible, some dj mixers available for rental do have usb soundcard capabilities, but you will have to use your laptop to start/stop tracks.
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