Live broadcasting with external mixer

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Live broadcasting with external mixer

Postby garf81 » Fri Aug 02, 2019 10:31 am

Hi - first post and I'm just after a little advice!
I've been using Mixxx to record some podcasts for my school, playing decks and recording/editing the audio using Audacity. The set up is such that the audio signal of tracks I play from Mixxx comes out of my PC headphone output, in to the line in on a mixer (Behringer Xenyx X1222FX). This, along with an XLR mic input on the mixer is then received by the mic input on my PC which is picked up from Audacity.

I'd like to do some live broadcasts now I've set up a radio server using Azuracast. The connection works fine which is great however I'd still like to use the X1222 for audio/mic fading. I was hoping I could still use the audio routing as described above BUT kind of fool Mixxx in a way that the 'mic' input in Mixxx would receive the audio/mic output from the X1222. When I've tried it and played a track on one of the decks, I'm unable to fade etc as it's like the audio is still playing through my PC and missing the output to the X1222.
At the moment, to get it to work, I'm having to use a second PC with Mixxx and send the audio from the mixer to that through the mic input but of course, you don't get the details of which tracks are playing etc. I guess what I'm asking is then, can I still send the audio from Mixxx through the headphone output without it actually playing/hearing it on the PC, if that makes sense?! I want to a/ listen live through the phones output on the X1222 and b/ use the fade options of the mic/audio input

I hope that makes some sense!!!

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Re: Live broadcasting with external mixer

Postby JosepMa » Fri Aug 02, 2019 6:18 pm

Your initial setup was a bit unusual, but given that you want to physically use the X1222 mixer, then it is acceptable, although you would have a better experience if your soundcard could output multiple channels and then you could actually use the Mixer to mix the decks and connect the headphones there.

Said that, yes, it is possible to broadcast an external signal.
You just need to go to preferences, "Audio hardware", select the "input" tab and there locate "Broacast/Recording". There, you will select your line in.

Then, you will be able to broadcast the signal that comes from the mixer, and also to use the audio recording on Mixxx itself instead of using audacity (which you can still use to edit the track afterwards).
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Re: Live broadcasting with external mixer

Postby DJ poppy D » Tue Aug 06, 2019 1:23 am

you can set up mixxx to act like a mixer if you wish = check out my broadcast skin
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