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Postby Spindoctor » Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:50 am

First off, I'd like to compliment everyone who has worked on this software. It keeps getting better and better, and I'm really loving it!

But I've got a question: I just loaded MIXXX 2.2 on the "main" computer that's used in this area for car shows. The previous version was so old that I decided to uninstall it, wipe everything clean, and start fresh. So far, great! But while configuring, I noticed a new selection in the menu that includes Tracks, AutoDJ, Crates, Playlists, etc. It's Conputer. Is this what I think it is? Play music from another source, including external drives. But -- the big question, if I play a selection from a flash drive in this manner, will it play and forget, or will it throw this selection in the main library?

You may recall some years ago, with a much older version, I liked the fact that I could play an external selection by simply dragging it from the drive to the deck I want to use. With a later version it would work, but that selection was listed in the library, forever after. I was told that this is what it SHOULD do.

I don't want to use this function yet, in case I'm wrong. I just installed a clean copy of MIXXX, and a clean new library, so I don't want to take a chance on messing it up with other tracks with broken links, etc. I looked at the manual, and it's a little vague, saying I can right-click on a folder to make it part of the library (but nothing about what importing a single track will do).

Here's what I want: the ability to play a one-time ad or date-related spot of some sort, without making it a permanent fixture. Second, I might want to add tracks to play, but not yet have the time to add the correct metadata, or categorize it properly. I can throw a few "new" tracks into a folder, and play from there a few times before they get installed in their rightful place. If this is what the Computer function does, YES!!!!
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Re: Computer

Postby daschuer » Fri Aug 02, 2019 6:16 am

Computer is the old Browse feature renamed.

> or will it throw this selection in the main library?

The files from the Computer feature are not in the library database. The columns content is created directly from the files. If you play one of these files it is permanently added to the library, because we add it to the history.
The track will also appear in the Tracks list.

Drag and drop from widows Explorer should still work as usual. Does it?

> saying I can right-click on a folder to make it part of the library

That sounds wrong. Can you point out the place where you read this? We can probably improve the part.

> If this is what the Computer function does, YES!!!!

Unfortunately not exactly. We need to introduce a temp flag to make this entirely work. Or consider an other solution. The conflicting point here is that we need the track for providing a consistent history to report the played track to the licence holder like the German GEMA.

You use case is however interesting. You may file a bug at Launchpad. Hopefully a contributor picks it up.
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