Playlist-related file comments : guidelines for clean plugin

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Playlist-related file comments : guidelines for clean plugin

Postby mbrouillet » Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:14 pm

I'm considering adding some code to Mixxx for the following purpose. When I setup a playlist for a show, I keep a word document that tells me which file is for which moment or the show. Let's say there are 4 phases in the show, I select a few songs for each phase and need my document to navigate, follow the script. I could of course use the file's comment field, but I'd end up cluttering the file with comments (ex "Carlos is entering on stage") that do not make sense out of the playlist context. That information is not related to the file which I use in different occasions, but to the playlist.
I could add a column to table PlaylistTracks but that would not be great for upgrade/compatibility. Are there any guidelines on how to write such an extension ? Say it becomes extension xyz, then the tables that I add are prefixed with xyz_ for instance ; any location where to put my code ; etc.
Any hint to existing documentation to do this as clean as possible would be great ! Thank you.
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Re: Playlist-related file comments : guidelines for clean pl

Postby daschuer » Wed Jun 19, 2019 1:53 pm

Mixxx does not have something like a extension mechanism. But you ideas sounds reasonable an I could imagine this can be useful for other things like give hints for am optimal transition or such.
So go ahead.
The best first step would be to request this feature as a Launchpad bug. There we can then discuss implementation details. This may avoid a extra round when coding.

Here are some hints in general:
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