Build on Windows - Playout on Linux

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Build on Windows - Playout on Linux

Postby wn3 » Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:43 pm

Hello there.

I have scoured and searched and can't find an answer, so thought I'd post the question to the experts.

I want to build playlists on a windows machine but be able to sync my work to a linux box and use that to play the music out on my radio show. I am good with sync-ing the contents of the Mixxx folder and with the library, but my stumbling block seems to be the sql database which stores the locations of the tracks.

On the windows machine, they are stored in d:\music but to the best of my (little) knowledge, you can't use drive letters on linux (i'm using linux mint), so when I fire up my freshly synchronised Mixxx, I can see all the playlists and see their content, but the physical location of them is different on the Linux machine, so I am having to manually relink the library to the Linux location in /mnt/music.

Is there ANY way around this that anyone knows of? Even some sort of script to do a find/replace of the sql database on the linux box would be acceptable.

FYI - I am only ever copying in one direction from windows to linux.

Thanks in advance, folks.
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Re: Build on Windows - Playout on Linux

Postby daschuer » Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:07 am

I think you can copy the mixxx.sqlite database as well and change the library base folder in the library preferences. Mixxx should detect the tracks again an keep the playlists alive.

However this requires a rescan which might be error phone.

The scripting solution might also be an option, you may write a script that replaces the windows path with the Linux path.

A cool feature would be if we make Mixxx aware of that in a way that it sets the right path on the fly. If you have some c++ knowledge, that can be easy added whenever reading or writing from the DB.

I am happy to give you some more hints if you need.
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Re: Build on Windows - Playout on Linux

Postby Wunjo » Fri Jun 07, 2019 9:15 pm

It would be useful if Mixxx is more interchangeable, also the other way around or on Apple.
If a user is able to choose the place where the analysis can be found or will be written would also be helpful.
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